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SEQUOIA is a flexible, powerful signal processing platform. It has two frame sizes available. Each SEQUOIA frame includes one power supply (1RU frame) or two power supplies (2RU frame), network control module, and PC monitoring software. Different function modules can be housed in the platform, such as distribution, changeover, transmission, detection & protection, audio processing, multiplexing/de-multiplexing, format conversion, signal processing, frame sync and signal generation modules. SEQUOIA supports various signal formats, including Analog Video, Analog Audio, HD/SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, DS-3 and AES/EBU. Interfaces not only include common cable interfaces, but also fiber interfaces for high rate and long distance signal transmission. SEQUOIA signal processing platform and its function modules combine a flexible signal processing system which can meet the demands of many customers.    

SEQUOIA frames feature compact structure and well-designed layout. All the function modules support front plug-ins and are hot-swappable. Each module has its own rear panel. This design not only provides convenience for easy system installation, maintenance and upgrading, but also allows any mix of formats in a single frame. All the modules are powered by front plug-in power supply units (100 W).

2RU frame uses redundant power supply. The front panel is equipped with four variable speed fans for air circulation. The frame is ventilated from the front panel through top and bottom cover ventilation holes. A 2RU frame uses dual power supplies, one network module or cooling module and 10 function modules. 

1RU frame uses single power supply. Multiple frames can be connected together to back up each frame’s power. The rear of the frame is equipped with a fan for module and power supply unit cooling. A 1RU frame uses one power supply and can hold up to 4 modules (or one network control module and three function modules).

An RS-232/422 serial port is provided for loading and setting frame IP address. A LAN network interface is provided for combining a powerful network monitoring system with monitoring PC. A GPO interface is provided for frame alarming. One of the two REF sync signal interfaces with loop-thru can be selected to route to each module via BUS. An EEPROM chip is provided for storing the setting information of frame and module parameters. The setting information and parameters will not be lost when power is off or the modules are replaced.

The operating status, parameters setting and I/O status of the modules can be monitored, managed and controlled by the network control module used in any SEQUOIA platform via monitor PC and SQ-MASTER control software. The network control module provides functions, such as frame status management, module centralized control, system graphics control, third party software embedding and alarm.

With the increase of module types and the strength of functions, SEQUOIA product truly can be a "whole system integrated in a single frame".

SEQUOIA is ideal for various industries, including broadcast TV, telecom and pro A/V industry.


l   Front loading, hot-swappable modules  

l   Modules with independent rear panels, allows any mix of formats in a single frame

l   1RU platform uses single power supply unit, multiple frames can be connected together to back up each frame’s power

l   2RU platform supports two redundant power supplies

l   2RU platform supports built-in temperature-controlled variable speed fan

l   Network control module for controlling and monitoring the function modules

l   Load and set frame IP address via RS-232/422 serial interface

l   LAN interface supports TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP and SNMP protocol

l   REF sync input is routed to each module via BUS

l   External EEPROM chip for non-volatile memory

l   SQ-MASTER control software provides frame status monitoring and management, modules centralized control, system

     control, third-party software embedding and alarm

l   Supports up to 2550 modules network monitoring  


SQ-NET Network Control Module

SQ-NET is a network control module which is designed to be used in SEQUOIA Series Intelligent Signal Processing Platform. It is the "bridge" of communication between function modules and PC. SQ-NET can communicate with monitoring PC, then receive PC control order and route it to each function module in the platform. SQ-NET can also communicate with the function modules for real-time monitoring the status of function modules, and then report the status to monitoring PC. Monitoring PC, control software and SQ-NET are provided for communication between computer and function modules.

SQ-NET can monitor the status of PSU and output alarm signal. The fan speed is variable with the change of frame temperature. One of the two REF inputs is selected and then routed to the REF sync interface of each slot in the frame.


l   Supports TCP, UDP and SNMP

l   Supports PING order for learning the network connection status of monitoring PC and each frame

l   Samples the name, version, status and parameters of each function module in the frame

l   Real-time monitors the situation (address/loss) of function modules and then report it to the monitoring PC

l   Real-time monitors the operating status of modules and then reports it to the monitoring PC

l   Receives the control order from PC for function modules and then routes it to the corresponding modules

l   Routes the receiving driver of REF video to each module


Frame and System Specifications




19" (483 mm)


1RU (44 mm)   2RU (88 mm)


15.5"(393.7 mm)






Input Voltage

100 ~ 240 V AC, 50 Hz


100 W





Operating Temperature

32° ~ 104°F (0° ~40° C)

Relative Humidity

10% ~ 90%








DB-9F (×1)






3Pin (×1)

Output Status

 Relay closure






RJ-45 (×1)


10/100 Mbps





REF Sync Video



BNC, hi-z, loop-thru

Signal Format


u Standard Accessories





1RU frame, without power supply, up to 4 modules, supports single power supply


AC power supply, 100 W, 12 V         



2RU frame, without power supplies, up to 10 modules, supports dual power supplies


AC power supply, 100 W, 12 V        


u Optional Accessories





AC power supply, 100 W, 12 V


Network control module for SEQUOIA ECO (emergency changeover) modules, supports TCP/IP protocol


Network control module for all SEQUOIA modules, supports TCP/IP protocol


SEQUOIA series platform control software

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